Woman Who Knits With Her Vagina Responds To Trolls

By : Kieron CurtisTwitterLogo


Casey Jenkins caused a bit of a stir back in 2013 when she knitted a scarf using yarn she’d inserted inside her vagina every day for 28 days.

Sadly, there are no awards for guessing that the Australian received a wave of online abuse for the performance art, which did include blood soaked yarn from her period.

Now she’s back with a new exhibit, and it’s the perfect response to misogynistic trolls.

Jenkins is turning the abuse she received into knitting with – you guessed it – wool from her vagina, because she does not give a flying fuck what keyboard warriors think.

Regardless of where the materials have been, that is some impressive crochet!

According to the i100, she said:

Some say the perceived anonymity of the internet creates and fosters sexist attitudes. I’d be more inclined to say it exposes them, like lifting a rock to reveal a bed of slugs.

The new exhibit, called Programmed To Reproduce, will see Jenkins reflect ‘on personal identity in the digital age and public reactions to her earlier work’.

The public can see the work at North Melbourne Town Hall until March 13, with the exhibit part of the 2016 Festival of Live Art.