The Wright Stuff Gets ‘Effed Right In The P’ Live On Air

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The Wright Stuff Gets Effed Right In The P Live On Air Matthew Wright

While the world is being suffocated by the ice bucket challenge, one man is still living in the past.

Eff her right in the P has been one of the biggest internet phenomena’s this year, and it ain’t finished yet, as Channel 5’s Matthew Wright found out yesterday.

During a show about ‘lending your partner to a pal’ (yeah, I know, hypocrite alert), he got a bit pissed off when someone hit him with the Eff and P live on air.

You can see the dismay in his face, it’s beautiful. Shortly after, the monumental killjoy tweeted this..

Here’s the actual footage..

This, however, isn’t the first time those beautiful words have been spoken on British television. A BBC News reporter got interrupted by a young lad last month during a traffic report:

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