Yet Another Social Experiment Tests Public Attitudes On Sexism

By : Kieron CurtisTwitterLogo

Yet Another Social Experiment Tests Public Attitudes On Sexism troll1 1Trollstation/YouTube

Social experimenters and professional wind up merchants Trollstation are back with a fresh scenario for the public to deal with.

In their latest outing, the group tests public attitudes toward sexism by staging a row between a male worker and his female boss.

Things kick off when Nathan Brown’s ‘work’ is called into question by Amina Maz, who is posing as his senior.

Brown reels off a host of insults towards Maz, questioning her right to be managing him as she is female, and suggesting she is only good for domestic chores and sexual favours.

But how will the public respond?

Fair play to all those who did step in and tell Brown he was out of line.

I can’t help but feel they weakened the experiment somewhat by having Maz use physical force towards Brown though.

Either way, if you spot cameras and some sort of incident on your street you should probably immediately adopt a highly principled stance and intervene. Otherwise you’re a bad person and it’ll be all over YouTube and Facebook in a flash.