Young Brits From Ethnic Minorities Reveal Stupid Racist Shit People Say To Them

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Young Brits From Ethnic Minorities Reveal Stupid Racist Shit People Say To Them UNILAD everyday racism 111Alex Watt | UNILAD

In a revealing new video, a number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the UK have opened up about the kind of racism they face in this country on an everyday basis.

As part of its new series of documentaries Under The Skin, BBC Three has been exploring the issue of racism in modern Britain.

And hot on the heels of the documentary We Want Our Country Back about far-right group Britain First, the series has now released a video looking at “microaggressions” – everyday racism people in the UK face that is often not called out or even widely acknowledged.

And some viewers may be quite shocked by just how worryingly common this is.

Titled “The Things I Hear Every Day”, the video sees different groups of people from ethnic minorities explain the things they often hear in Britain today, be it through malice or through ignorance.

The microaggressions revealed include such gems as “You’re really articulate for a black person”, shouts of “terrorist” at Muslims, and allegations of how small Asian guys’ penises might be or how “up for sex” South American women apparently are.

The participants go on to discuss why they think these phrases, even those which may appear fairly harmless or humorous, are extremely problematic and damaging.

It’s a fascinating video and a must-watch because, quite frankly, we need to be talking about these issues and certain people in this country (especially those at the top) need to stop trying to avoid conversations about racism!