YouPorn Wrestler Proposes To His Girlfriend During Their Match

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YouPorn Wrestler Proposes To His Girlfriend During Their Match joey ryan proposalYouTube/Joey Ryan

We’ve seen some pretty strange and unique moments in wrestling in our time – the ‘fingerpoke of doom’, the Boogeyman spitting out worms, Fandango winning a match at WrestleMania. The list goes on.

Joey Ryan, however, just took things to a whole new incredible level.

Because when both you and your girlfriend are professional wrestlers, where better to get engaged than in the centre of the ring, slap bang in the middle of a match?

Fresh from playing a sleazy undercover cop in Lucha Underground and being sponsored by YouPorn (for having ‘the penis so powerful it broke the Internet’), Joey Ryan stepped up again with a super slick in-ring proposal to his girlfriend and fellow wrestler, Laura James.

In the midst of wrestling each other at a show in San Diego, California, Ryan used James to take out the referee.

But his dastardly move had a sweet hidden agenda. While James stopped to check on the ref, Ryan crawled to the corner of the ring and grabbed an engagement ring.

When James turned around, Ryan was down on one knee and the crowd were chanting for the couple.

It was an incredible moment (seriously, try not to grin like a maniac while watching this). And, fortunately, James said ‘yes’.

Despite the beautiful moment, however, Ryan still had a job to do. As the couple shared a celebratory kiss, Ryan grabbed his new fiancée, rolled her up and pinned her for the victory.

Hey, he’s a professional, after all!

Creative proposals are the new in-thing but we can’t see any guy popping the question in a cooler way than this in 2016! Congratulations to the happy couple.


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