YouTuber Defends Her Decision To Breastfeed Her Three-Year-Old

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In the ongoing fight to free the nipple, breastfeeding is at the forefront of the debate about the objectification of women.

While many feel that breastfeeding is a perfectly natural way to sustain both the health of a baby and the bond between mother and child, the act is still censored by outraged individuals both in public and online.

And it’s these backward attitudes (courtesy of those who I can only assume were not given enough love or breast milk as children) that inspired people to spew hate towards Tasha Maile.

The vlogger, who describes herself as a ‘vegan breasfeeding mama’ regularly posts videos while feeding her one and three-year-old sons.

One video, which has nearly 60 million views at the time of writing is captioned:

Here I am feeding my three-year-old and one-year-old in the middle of a workout – sometimes annoying that you got to stop a work out, but us mothers do what we have to do. We are all in this together, happy to share with you all!

Many commentators have taken to their keyboards to share their two cents – a generous evaluation of their opinions – suggesting that Tasha’s children are too old for breastfeeding.

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One mother called the video ‘incestuous’, stating:

I find this video very disturbing. She wants viewers to believe this is a natural mother and child bonding while breastfeeding. However from the start this doesn’t appear to be natural but incestuous.

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful extension of the mother and child bonding. However this woman’s exhibitionism certainly takes away from the wonderful bonding between other and child.

Others also claim Tasha was getting ‘sexual pleasure’ from the act.

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Frankly, Tasha and her children seem happy, and all credit to her.

Although the video may appear like exhibitionism, we must understand they are only a reactionary push from mothers who feel belittled and downgraded by societal attitudes to their anatomy.

They’re also fuelled by comments, so perhaps we should just stop freaking out over boobs. Everyone has them. Even your mum.


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