10 Of The Best April Fools’ Pranks 2016 From Across The Web

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10 Of The Best April Fools Pranks 2016 From Across The Web april fools FBYouTube

It’s that time of the year again, when friends, family, news outlets, companies and social media users all try and fool people with their most elaborate and creative pranks.

It’s always difficult to separate fact from fiction on April 1 – for instance, have China actually banned April Fools’ Day? We’re still not sure.

Besides Pornhub winning the entire day with their amazing ‘Cornhub’ prank and Google fucking up a tad with their ill advised mic dropping joke, the Internet has been awash with gags ranging from the brilliant to the bizarre.

Brexit dominated the newspapers’ April Fools’ attempts, with articles from the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Express and the Telegraph all doing prank articles about the EU referendum. Even UKIP leader Nigel Farage got in on the action with a banterous tweet which went down about as well as a sweaty fart in an elevator.


Most places were a bit more creative than old Nigel though and there were some pretty epic pranks flying around the Internet today.

Here’s ten of the best…

WaterAid launches ‘manpons’

Last year, WaterAid had a great advert about what would happen if men had periods and, this year for April Fools’, they’ve gone one better and had satirical adverts for ‘manpons’ posted in 375 different shopping centres. Behind all the fun though is a serious message about access to sanitation for women and girls and taboos around menstruation.

Deliveroo’s telepathic food ordering

The online food ordering company are totally taking the delivery business to the next level, working with top neuroscientists to develop telepathic or ‘hands free’ food ordering…

John Stamos takes over Netflix

The online streaming service has been completely taken over by John Stamos, for some reason. There are now popular categories on the website such as ‘Comedies John Stamos Thinks Are Funny’ and suggestions for titles that are ‘Popular Like John Stamos Was In High School.’

The actor even has a totally legit new documentary coming out, exclusive to Netflix, apparently…

Right Guard’s politically sensitive new product

Introducing Left Guard, especially for lefties…

Vibrator company brings out smart toys cats

Taking double entendre jokes about ‘pussy’ to their logical conclusion, sex toy company Lioness have got a new model on the shelves, specifically for cats. Company CEO Liz Clinger said: “I’ve heard one too many stories about kitties becoming easily bored with cat toys. We created this toy to make sure that cats will always be mentally and emotionally stimulated.”

Google’s self driving bicycle

Well, given all the work Google are doing on self driving cars, it was about time that cyclists had an equivalent, right? And it appears they now do in Holland…

Pimm’s sponsors Big Ben

One of London’s most famous landmark is getting an exciting new sponsorship opportunity. That’s according to former BBC news anchor Peter Sissons, anyway, who Pimm’s recruited for their own April Fools’ prank…

Donald Trump to pay $1 million to every American if he’s voted in

To be fair, given how bonkers some of the stuff Trump keeps coming out with actually is, we wouldn’t put it past him to make a claim this outrageous. This particular one isn’t true though, instead coming courtesy of howmuch.net.

They wrote:

“I will be the greatest wealth president in the history of the United States,” Trump told ecstatic crowds in Des Moines, Iowa, as he announced his intention to offer a “one-time, one-million-dollar bonus to every man, woman and child” in the United States as one of his first measures after taking over the presidency from Barack Obama.

“Instead of spending a ton of money on stuff from China, if every American would spend a million dollars on American-made goods, we would solve the trade deficit, create millions of jobs and make this country great again,” Trump said, to great cheers from the audience.

Trump helping the less fortunate? Definitely a prank.

Teleportation from the U.S. military

We can’t be that far away from this one actually becoming a reality, surely?

Virgin America’s new logo

Virgin executed one of the best pranks today with their video promoting their ‘new logo’. CEO Richard Branson introduces the new branding in the hilarious vid and it’ll certainly be iconic, we’ll give them that…


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