Creators Of ‘Arthur’ Speak Out About People Making Those Dirty Memes

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Creators Of Arthur Speak Out About People Making Those Dirty Memes Arthur Goes to Camp Buster Makes the GradeWGBH

Back in the nineties, Arthur was my favourite show – in the world. To be fair, if it’s on when I’m at home nowadays I’ll still give it a watch. 

However the recent surge of Arthur memes have certainly tainted the innocent kids show with a twist of sinister darkness – something I personally find rather hilarious.

A lot of the memes are pretty innocent, however the bulk of them are like something from a Henry Miller book – depicting Arthur’s sexual escapades with his sister DW and a lot of other dark shit too, reports Gizmodo.

But some people in the world aren’t seeing the funny side – and it’s easy to see why, because the guys that are annoyed, are the Arthur creators.

The network behind Arthur, WGBH, said in a statement:

[The memes] have been created and shared in good fun [but we are] disappointed by the few that are outside of good taste.

Our hope is that Arthur and his friends will be depicted in a way that is respectful and appropriate for all audiences, including young Arthur fans and their families.

However we certainly are lucky to have a fan base that is so engaged with Arthur, especially those millennials who grew up with him.

In case you’re wondering – here’s the sort of twisted memes WGBH aren’t too happy about:

Well then – that’s all of our childhoods ruined…