Girls Are Drawing D*cks On Their Faces In Latest Weird Trend

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Girls Are Drawing D*cks On Their Faces In Latest Weird Trend 5040UNILAD imageoptim red woman girl brownPexels

Between rainbow eye-shadow, mirrored nails, holographic lips and hair chalk, a lot of women are pretty sick of fad make up trends.

Cosmetic companies peddle out weird and wonderfully dumb make up looks, hoping some nobody blogger will give it a go in the name of clicks, and it will go viral.

But one woman has had enough. Asia B from the Bay Area, California, took to Twitter in protest, satirising the problem itself by creating her own fad make up trend, reports Distractify.

So, here you have it, people: Dickliner.

Asia – a make up artist and ethical cosmetic brand owner herself – has opted for a liner look reminiscent of a man’s groin. Impressively, her steady hand strokes and firm approach meant she didn’t cock this is up.

Taking inspiration – probably – from the great statuesque nudes of Renaissance art history, Asia lidded her eye with a monochromatic cock and balls, with stunning effect. The artist’s phallic take on the winged eyeliner has inspired other beauty enthusiasts to give it a whirl too.

Although this looks like something that’d happen to you when passed out, at the hands of a particularly inartistic mate who’s had one too many beers and got hold of a permanent marker, dickliner has proven popular among socially savvy make up artists.

Where many Tweeters would simply complain using the power of their words, Asia and her dick devotees decided to use the power of eyeliner, and props to them for their creative ingenuity in calling out the bullshit.

Call me crazy, but that last look is aesthetically quite appealing. I just hope the make up anarchists don’t get any residue in their eyes.