Guy Plays Phone Game With Dick, It Really Doesn’t End Well

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Mobile phone games are responsible for a lot of shit, poor marks in school, a shitty attention span, but a bloody dick? Well apparently yes.

An unfortunate Reddit user using a throwaway account, so as not to be outed as the man who cut up his dick using a phone, revealed his unfortunate mistake on the subreddit, r/TIFU (Today I fucked Up).

The guy claims that around four years ago when he was a junior in high school he and his friends enjoyed playing the endless runner game, Temple Run.

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Apparently the game became something of an obsession for the young man and his friends played all lunch and even in class sometimes.

Things soon began to get competitive though with the group organising competitions and even going so far as to bet real money on who could ‘run’ the farthest.

The buy in was a whopping two dollars and the winner took all the cash, but as things got duller they began to take things further, eventually deciding to see who could score the highest using only their dick.

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The Redditor explained the rules:

We even had a set of rules! I don’t entirely remember all of them but one of the most important ones was that your dick needed to be controlling the phone, with the exception that you could hold your dick in your hand.

Things may sound strange now, but they’re about to get weirder. The gang of friends used an empty house to hold their competition and even had a room set up where people competed.

He says that a ‘gamer girl’ was in the room to make sure that they used their penises to direct the tiny running man, which is just odd.

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Eventually when it was out Redditor’s turn and he scored pretty highly which is great, what’s less great is what he did to his most delicate member.

After competing he was shocked to discover that his ‘dick was covered in cuts’ because he, rather foolishly, had been plying on a phone with a broken screen and had just assumed because it never bothered his hands it wouldn’t bother his privates.


Realising his colossal fuck up, the man with the damaged dick did hat he could to stop the bleeding and prayed that it would heal in time which it thankfully did, after a two weeks of it hurting like hell and being super sensitive.

The good news he won the competition! So he’s got that going for him…