Guy Plays Ultimate Valentine’s Prank on His Girlfriend

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Guy Plays Ultimate Valentines Prank on His Girlfriend 622 valentine prank fbTwitter/LauraMarieKerr

Now that Valentine’s Day is over for another year, we can all go back to our normal existence and spend some time doing what we all love best: Chuckling over pranksย gone viral.

The perceived wisdom states that Valentine’s Day is a load of old tripe peddled out by commercial giants to guilt trip us into being overtly in love for 24 hours; and frankly, the whole charade has turned into a bit of a joke.

So in the modern spirit of Saint Valentine, one guy decided to pull a tried and tested prank on his unassuming girlfriend, Laura Marie Kerr.

Guy Plays Ultimate Valentines Prank on His Girlfriend 1436 valentine prank 1Twitter/LauraMarieKerr

Jay text Laura on Valentine’s evening to tease a little surprise he’d planned for his girlfriend, who is a self-confessed Francophile who had been dropping hints about a romantic mini-break to Paris.

Her devious boyfriend subtly hinted that his Valentine’s Day gift to Laura was that very trip she’d been craving, causing the visibly excited young woman to verbal vomit emojis all over her iPhone screen.

Guy Plays Ultimate Valentines Prank on His Girlfriend 925 valentine prank 2Twitter/LauraMarieKerr

The prank continued when Jay suggested he might have even booked them on a winter sun break to Barcelona…

Presumably, at this point, Laura was already rummaging through the bottom of her wardrobe trying to find her stash of summer bikinis which haven’t seen daylight since June.

That’s when she realised Jay was in the throes of a prank, executed with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop.

Guy Plays Ultimate Valentines Prank on His Girlfriend 653 valentine prank 3Twitter/LauraMarieKerr

In actual fact, he was already planning on getting acquainted with his beloved Barcelona and Paris from the sofa in his living room, as the two football teams faced off in the Champion’s League last night.

Laura was quick to take to Twitter in a comedic rage, tweeting Jay’s messages along with the message, ‘This boy is getting smacked into 2018 when I see him’.

Adding insult to injury, Jay shared a photo with his followers showing how he’d really be spending the commercialised holiday or romance watching the football and enjoying some ‘#LADtime’.

Despite the prank, it seems Laura wasn’t to riled up at all.

After getting trolled by people who don’t understand the difference between a joke and reality, Laura tweeted ‘I love my boyfriend. I am grateful for everything he does. I am lying beside him, happy & in love.’

Jay saw things differently, tweeting a response implying he’d given her the greatest gift of all this Valentine’s Day: some classic viral content.

After tweeting a picture of two mooses having sex, he tweeted Laura saying ‘aye your welcome for the viral tweet ya fucking moose’…

After all, there’s nothing like the smell of retweets in the morning to get your romantic juices flowing.

Who says romance is dead?