Holly Willoughby Joins Snapchat, Gets Hundreds Of Dirty Messages

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In case you didn’t know already, Holly Willoughby (or Holly Willobooby – which is probably more fitting in this context) joined Snapchat earlier today.

However, things turned dark pretty quickly as Holly has been absolutely inundated with filthy requests in the mere hours since she announced she had joined the photo-sharing app on Twitter, reports the Mirror.

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Posting to her seven million Twitter followers, she wrote: ‘So I’ve just joined snapchat!!!! Come find me…. Trulyholly xxxx’.

Hot on the heels of the post, countless average Joe’s from all walks of life took it upon themselves to plead with her for nudes – with one romantic Lothario writing ‘only if you show me your fanny you lil sort’. Check out Mr Darcy over here.

Other such comments were as follows: 

[tweet https://twitter.com/danniellewis/status/780340361810108416 conversation=”false”]

[tweet https://twitter.com/TPGCFF/status/780340918603780096 conversation=”false”]

[tweet https://twitter.com/Blunt_Phil_/status/780339640968572928 conversation=”false”]

[tweet https://twitter.com/SimonDonCrook/status/780338621161308160 conversation=”false”]

[tweet https://twitter.com/Trolingcrewtube/status/780339039484411904 conversation=”false”]

[tweet https://twitter.com/avfcdeak/status/780389615849050117 conversation=”false”]

[tweet https://twitter.com/marcbuz007/status/780345817450287104 conversation=”false”]

Now – I’m not going to get all politically correct here but I think we can all agree it’s pretty wrong. However, my main concern with such comments, and believe me, there’s a fucking tonne more of them, is the reasoning behind them.

Did Barry the B&Q Floor Assistant from Norwich genuinely for one second think that Holly would consider sending him a handful of ‘tit pics’?

Did Graham the plumber from Milwall think Holly would respond to his message with a tirade of nudes in a variety of poses?

@celebjuiceofficial #harleyquinn ❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️

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Now I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty damn confident Trulyholly won’t be sharing any topless snaps anytime soon.

Who says love is dead eh?