Hulk Hogan F*cks Up Again, Retweets Racial Slur

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Hulk Hogan F*cks Up Again, Retweets Racial Slur hulk1 1

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you can’t teach Hulk Hogan racial sensitivity apparently.

Once again the former wrestling superstar has stepped right in it on social media.

Previously we have seen him trolled about Madeleine McCann and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, there was his leaked sex tape, and of course his use of the N-word.

Sadly it is a lack of awareness for the connotations of that word that has been made clear once more as Hulk retweeted a fan who referred to himself using it.

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There is no clear malice seemingly intended by Hulk on this occasion, but it isn’t clear whether or not Jamal was baiting him.

Regardless, after each of his trolling controversies, and having to apologise for use of the same word, you’d have thought he’d be clued up enough to just avoid it. The apology was only made in September of last year after all.

Hogan told ABC News at the time:

You know, just because a person makes a mistake, just don’t throw them away.

That is true, but when you continually make the same mistake time after time then sympathy will be in short supply.

Will someone please grab the man’s phone and run his social media for him.


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