Internet Battle Rages After Shocking WiFi Password Discovered On Router

By : Kieron Curtis |


Screen Shot 2015 12 26 at 17.16.32 1Twitter

Did everyone see how #wankpuffin trended yesterday? Well it appears anything BT can fuck up Virgin can too.

Allegedly one woman took to Twitter after discovering a not so festive password on the back of her mother’s Virgin internet router.

The letters, which were believed to be a randomly generated compilation, seemed pretty homophobic.

This is the post:

Screen Shot 2015 12 26 at 17.35.24 1Twitter

Perhaps Twitter knows something we can’t confirm, as rather than react with anticipated disgust, a battle commenced with crudely Photoshopped images circulating en-masse.

Here’s some of the best…


That is a pretty damn good Photoshop.

It seems some people were bearing a grudge over items Santa forgot to bring…

Naturally things then took a twist of the political conspiracy variety…

But my personal favourite needs no context…

Bravo Tom, bravo.