Is This Viral Photo Of Pants-Less Hotel Guest The New Dress?

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The Dress viral phenomenon 1Wikipedia

Last February the internet went crazy over whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold, and now it may be about to tear itself apart again over whether this hotel guest is or isn’t wearing trousers.

All over the internet, people are talking about the super important issue of whether the man/woman in this photograph is wearing trousers at a hotel reception desk.

pantsless featuredPassenger Shaming - Facebook

The image comes from Facebook page Passenger Shaming and they posted the image yesterday, but frustratingly didn’t offer up any details other than it was taken in New York City.

Personally, we think that they’re naked from the waist down for three reasons. First of all the way they’re leaning on the desk as though trying to disguise the fact they’re a pants-less lunatic. Secondly the way the receptionists clearly avoiding eye contact with this maniac and finally it really looks like they are. I mean look at it!

pants or no 1Passenger Shaming - Faceook

When we zoom in they do look suspiciously hairless, which could mean they’re trousers, but we don’t know the gender of the pants-less guest so it could be a woman or a very well manscaped bloke.