It Could Be The End Of The Line For The Naked Kim Kardashian Mural

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The city of Sydney has ordered the removal of the two-storey naked mural of the internet’s least favourite Kardashian, Kim. 

Daubed across the exterior of Zigi’s Art, Wine, and Cheese bar on Teggs Lane in Chippendale, the artwork depicts the ‘star’ completely naked but covering her body with her arm and hand.

Unsurprisingly, it’s caused quite the stir amongst locals and the international media, but the bar’s owner Zigi Ozeri has been told he has 14 days to remove the piece, The Independent reports.

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The order comes after a neighbour made a formal complaint, claiming they weren’t consulted previous to the artwork being painted and they objected to the work’s ‘content and colour’

Furthermore, since Ozeri failed to submit the correct paper work he or the artist, the Melbourne street artist Mark Walls, lushsux could face an additional $3,000 fine.

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 A council spokeswoman told The Guardian:

Most new murals, including those commissioned by the City of Sydney, require development consent… This ensures the property owner consents to the mural and there is consultation with neighbours about what’s proposed.

The order, however, won’t apply to the nearby mural which appeared on the same day, an image by Sydney artist Scott Marsh of Kardashian’s husband Kanye West lovingly kissing himself which was adapted from a Photoshopped photograph of the celebrity couple.

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The City of Sydney spokeswoman did state that changes in policy are being considered, specifically in the introduction of legal street art walls, new management proposals for unauthorised murals on private property, and the protection of significant pieces.

So maybe a naked Kim will soon be back…


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