Jeremy Clarkson Tweet Hilariously Explains Exactly Why Clinton Lost

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Jeremy Clarkson Tweet Hilariously Explains Exactly Why Clinton Lost 33100UNILAD imageoptim clarksontweetGetty

With the news that Donald Trump will be sat in the Oval Office in the new year still settling in, the hunt for answers is on.

Hillary’s loss was baffling considering the early indications from exit polls – so what went wrong? How did a politician get defeated by a controversial reality TV star?

Thankfully former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was on hand to analyse the intricate details of the campaign to sum up why a Clinton won’t be returning to the White House.

Nailed it – cheers Jeremy, it is all so clear now…

And Clarkson wasn’t the only one heading to social media to have their say either…

Some people were even less willing to accept the reality…

Others smelled conspiracy in the air.

Maybe the likes of Gaga and Perry had the opposite effect they hoped – turning people off from Hillary’s candidacy…

But what was overwhelmingly clear was that many Americans are bricking it right now – fearful of what Trump’s time in office will mean for them.

Here’s hoping he is true to his post-result speech, and unity not division will be the priority.