Junior Doctors Hit Out At The Sun With ‘Moet Medics’ Posts

By : Rebecca Knight |



After reading claims in The Sun that their planned strikes over working hours and cuts were simply outrageous and meant they all lead a ‘Moet lifestyle’, junior doctors have decided to fight back.

They took to Twitter to post various pictures of themselves, and take a swipe at the ‘Moet Medics’ claims, because wanting a life and having time off work is outrageous, obviously.

The hashtag #SmearTheDoctors quickly went viral, with many media organisations also picking it up and reporting the story.

Really, good on the doctors for taking a stand, because they’re well within their rights to be annoyed that not only are yet more cuts being made to a public service, but also the fact that The Sun went and trawled through their social media accounts to find ammunition to be used out of context and against them.