Kendall Jenner’s Pierced Nipple Goes Viral After Kylie Snapchats It

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo

Kendall Jenners Pierced Nipple Goes Viral After Kylie Snapchats It Screen Shot 2016 04 19 at 11.02.36 1Instagram

By now, we’re used to the Kardashians trying to break the Internet with nude selfies.

This time, apparently it was Kendall Jenner’s turn to show some flesh.

The super-model Kardashian/Jenner showed up to Coachella in a see-through bra, and while she may not have shown up completely naked, she was definitely flashing her nipples – and social media noticed, thanks to her sister.

Kylie Jenner zoomed in to catch her sisters’ pierced nipple on Snapchat, and then shared it on Instagram for everyone to see – as you do.

I think by this point, there’s not one body part we haven’t seen of the Kardashian family. But are many people complaining? Probably not.

Twitter certainly isn’t:

But this person probably said it best:

While some people may be impressed with Kendall’s nip piercing, there are definitely more pressing issues to be concerned with than Kardashian flesh.

She’ll need to increase her NSFW levels if she wants to compete with her sisters, though.