Kid, 12, ‘Becomes Australian PM’ For Two Days

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A young boy has shot to nationwide fame in Australia after performing a brilliant political coup and installing himself as the Prime Minister of the whole country, on Wikipedia… 

The young Australian lad, Orley Fenelon, 12, was bored and surfing the web when he decided, randomly, he deserved the title of PM as much as the next person.

So he did what any self-respecting person does in the age of the internet and made himself the leader on Wikipedia, and as we all know if Wikipedia says it, it must be true.

So for the next two days Fenelon was Australia’s 30th Prime Minister and hilariously his joke edit saw him sky-rocket in popularity in just a few hours, even outshining the current PM Malcolm Turnbull.

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Fenelon then did what all newly installed PMs do and began doing the the media rounds in Australia talking about how he had changed the world.

Australia’s youngest ever PM told Mashable, that he never expected his Wikipedia joke with friends to turn into such big news.

He explained:

I was just bored and it was a running joke among friends. We came up with the joke of fooling around with the prime minister. Me and a couple of friends were editing Wikipedia pages and it kinda went from there.

I thought it was just a stupid Internet thing that I would make a joke about, get above average amount of likes on Instagram and just totally forget about forever.

Of course as we know though, when the Internet takes a liking to something it does not forget, and Fenelon seems to have cemented his place in the history books forever.

Unfortunately the fun police soon arrived and Wikipedia’s valiant editors quickly removed the information shutting down his account after he tried to make an edit on the page, transforming the young lad from PM back to a regular boy.

It’s a shame really, Orley could have made a real difference and apparently planned to declare Australia’s national food to be ‘kebabs’.

Despite being deposed by Wikipedia, Orley says that he won’t be stopped, warning, ‘Shutting down my account won’t stop me’. Who knows though, maybe in a few years he could make a real run for PM, he’s proven he’s got the popularity…