Kim Kardashian Hits Back At Nude Selfie Criticism, Posts Another Nude Selfie

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Kim Kardashian Hits Back At Nude Selfie Criticism, Posts Another Nude Selfie Kim Kardashian 2 2011Wikipedia

So yesterday Kim Kardashian tried once again to break the internet. Did she do it? Who gives a shit. However some celebrities did not shy away from letting Kim in on what they thought.

Arguably, besides Donald Trump there are not many that can dominate the media like Kim K – but the reality star who rose to prominence in the aftermath of a sex tape received her fair share of criticism yesterday.

After posting the above nude, Hawaiian born actress Bette Midler posted on twitter to argue that there is no part of Kim’s body that is left to be seen, reports Billboard.

However, Kimmie (bleurgh) didn’t hold back either, suggesting that Kanye’s responses in the recent past are contagious.

After mocking the Hocus Pocus star’s age, Kim posted a follow up tweet suggesting the actress had tried to buy her friendship.

Bette Midler was not the only personality to show distaste for Kim’s nudes. Piers Morgan also took to twitter to suggest that Kanye’s self-proclaimed bankruptcy was to blame.

Yet again, Kim hit back with possibly the shittest come back I’ve ever heard – all while Piers was live on Good Morning Britain – writing:

However, not all kicked off at Mrs. Kardashian West, with many commenting on how exceptionally well she looked, having only recently given birth to Saint West back in December.

Who would’ve thought that her eternal fountain of cash would be able to make her look that good.

And to top it all off, Kim decided to post another revealing shot this morning because why not.

And so the cycle continues…