Lad (Probably) Scarred For Life As Mum Doesn’t Understand Netflix And Chill

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There’s a reason why parents should try and avoid copying things they’ve heard online, as one mum on Reddit found out.

In her confession the Redditor explained that she’s the mother of a 12 year old boy and just wanted to ‘hang out with him’. The clueless mum thought that she’d be ‘down with the kids’ and suggested that they watch something on Netflix, she said: “There isn’t anything on TV you want to just Netflix and chill? ”

She explained that she’d heard the phrase a lot on social media and the TV so thought it was a cool thing to say. However her son reacted unexpectedly poorly to the suggestion, immediately turning red and asking: “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Lad (Probably) Scarred For Life As Mum Doesnt Understand Netflix And Chill oedipus wrecks tv

The unknowing mum wasn’t going to let her young son talk to her like that and asked him ‘Why not?’ The pair then got into a twenty minute argument, in which she thought she was arguing about her son not wanting to spend time with her. While her poor, unfortunate son believed that his mum wanted to have sex with him.

The naïve mum apparently said things like, “Don’t you love me and want to spend quality time with me?” Finally the son explained to his embarrassed mum what it actually meant, and  after some subsequent embarrassment warned her mortified son not to tell his father.

The poor lad’s probably going to be scarred for life after this one.