Man’s Plan To Avoid Being ‘Pantsed’ Goes Very, Very Wrong

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Mans Plan To Avoid Being Pantsed Goes Very, Very Wrong

Everyone loves a good joke but one Redditor learnt that sometimes they can go too far and expose you in ways you’d rather not be.

The redditor and his group of four friends were in their late teens and in his words had a ‘douchey sense of humour’. He says every time they went to the beach or a public pool they would prank each other by pulling down a random victim’s swim shorts in front of everyone.

He said that the ‘joke’ had been going on for a while and since they’d been visiting the beach every day of the summer, he knew that it was his turn to be ‘pantsed’.

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The next weekend though our crafty hero tried to outsmart his mates by tying his swim shorts extra tight with two extra knots, genius.  A few hours later the Redditor was enjoying the cold sea water and had totally forgotten the looming threat. That is, until he noticed his friends half smiles, all of them immediately jumped him, two held his arm while the other attempted to remove his swim shorts. After a brief struggle it became obvious that the shorts weren’t coming down, but the splashing had got the attention of the whole beach. The friends frustrated at the shorts gave it an extra hard tug and they ripped!

The Redditor looked down and saw that his shorts had been split almost fully in half, and that his ‘shrunk penis’ was hanging out for all to see, including the beach full of people. His friends nearly drowned from laughing so hard and he was left using a towel as a makeshift dress for the rest of the day.