Model Shares Pest’s ‘Dick Pic’ As She Slams Online Trolls

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If only my coconuts were this size. 🌴

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Model and blogger Stina Sanders is never one to shy away from taking a stand, and she is now speaking out about online sex pests.

The London-based model achieved viral fame after posting a series of ‘true’ images, breaking from the online stereotype that models are ‘perfect’ 24-7.

24-year-old Sanders revealed that she receives ‘inappropriate messages around three times a week’, and to highlight that fact she even shared one guy’s ‘dick pic’ accompanied by her priceless reply.

Sanders took to her blog to explain the issue in greater detail.

She wrote:

I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to see your penis!

If you think this is an original way to break the ice, you’d be wrong. I receive erect penis images at least three times a week. Yes you read that correctly. At least three times a week, I receive an unwanted dick pic…

You wouldn’t get your penis out in public (although if you do please seek help) so why send me a photo? Flashing someone is harassment and I believe receiving an inappropriate image without consent, is also harassment. Your swollen gherkin isn’t going to make me land on my knees and beg you to be the father of my child. It’s going to make me turn on my heel and run in the opposite direction. Your photo is disrespectful and insulting to my eyes. Not even Supersavers can save me now!

I'm a little ruined.

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Unbelievably some commenters placed the blame at Sanders door…

Model Shares Pests Dick Pic As She Slams Online Trolls Screen Shot 2016 05 24 at 19.55.59
Model Shares Pests Dick Pic As She Slams Online Trolls Screen Shot 2016 05 24 at 19.56.15

Sanders told the Daily Mail:

I can just get a penis image with no message and other times I can have a long paragraph as to what these men would like to do to me.

I tend to ignore negative comments and reply to the followers who are positive or have something good to say.

I never respond to trolls unless I can think of something witty, but to be honest the best solution with keyboard warriors is to block them.

I don’t think anyone deserves to be harassed online or offline. It’s the same as saying a young girl deserved to be raped because she was wearing a short skirt.

No matter what is deemed as inviting still shouldn’t be a reason to approach someone inappropriately.

How can anyone even try to defend sending unsolicited pictures of their junk to strangers in this manner?

Good on you Stina – keep fighting the good fight.


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