Mum Hires Stripper For 8-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday

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Here we have a pretty strong contender for the most inappropriate birthday gift for an 8-year-old ever.

Video has emerged of a “hood stripper” reportedly dancing for a kid at his 8th birthday party, after his mum allegedly hired her to perform. What the fuck.

The stripper is seen twerking for the young boy in her underwear, as he throws what appears to be dollar bills at her and grabs her ass. Again, what the fuck.

Other boys are heard laughing and cheering him on in the background as he gets his seedy birthday lap dance. Have I said ‘what the fuck’, enough yet?

Not much is known about the origins of the clip, but apparently the video was shot in Tampa.

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This is messed up, as well as illegal. And we imagine if it was the other way round, this video would have caused a lot more of an uproar online…