People Are Posing Naked In Front Of Kim Kardashian’s Mural

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People Are Posing Naked In Front Of Kim Kardashians Mural peopleSam Ridgway | UNILAD

The infamous Kim Kardashian mural has been posed in front of countless times, photoshopped, defaced, ridiculed, egged and now, has been host to a lot of also-nude people.

It all started when three friends decided to depart from their outfits and take a group photo in front of the now-famous painting of Kardashian, which is in homage to THAT tweet from earlier this month.

Lauren Elizabeth Shelley along with her two closest friends bared all in the name of body positivity after the painting was defaced with the words ‘s***’ and ‘no fat chicks’.

The 26-year-old also did it on her own just after the mural was painted, and it understandably did the rounds on social media.

Is this the real life… @laureneshelley

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Ms Shelley, who lives in Albert Park, told Daily Mail Australia that she wanted to send a message that ‘sl*t shaming’ is not cool – and her message was definitely pushed out there.

It’s not the only Kardashian painting to be celebrated this week, though, after a painting that recently went up in Australia, by graffiti artist Scottie Marsh received some pretty standard responses…

Australians are a passionate bunch!