Pornhub Troll Kylie Jenner Over Underwear Pics

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Clan Kardashian has somewhat of a history with the adult film industry, and it appears the world of online porn is keeping an eye on them.

Following a series of image posts to her social media accounts promoting her brand, Pornhub sent a not-so-subtle message to Kylie Jenner.

Recently the 19-year-old has uploaded images in lingerie to promote her brand, and topless images with Tyga.

The reply certainly split opinion online.

There were those who saw a funny side…

And those who certainly didn’t…

For now, fans of the celeb categories on x-rated sites the world over will have to make do with current stocks as the Pornhub-Jenner collaboration seems unlikely.

But I can’t see them closing their Twitter anytime soon either…


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