Redditors Reveal The Dirty Little Secrets Businesses Don’t Want You To Know

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We’ve all got secrets, and companies are no exception. Their dirty little secrets can be big, like Amazon not paying all their taxes here in the UK, to the small, chefs not washing their hands, and for the curious, Reddit is lifting the lid on the secrets that businesses don’t want you to know. Be warned, some are funny, some are grim, and some are just fucking unfair.

Here’s a selection of our favourites.

Staff in restaurants can be grim.

waiter reddit

No wonder your dog’s terrified of visiting the vet.

vet reddit

I can’t say we’re surprised.

software reddit

And I spent hours sorting glass from plastic!

recyling reddit

I always suspected they were a load of bollocks.

progress bar reddit

Don’t drink and fly.

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Nice tip for saving a bit of cash.

Pharmacy reddit

Jewellers apparently take the piss.

jewler reddit

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

IT Reddit

To be fair to this guy he was only looking out for nana.

coffee reddit

This fucking ridiculous.

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