Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Won’t Be Back Next Year

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Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year instaInstagram/Kylie Jenner

Whether we want it or not, every year we are treated to a barrage of ridiculous crazes on social media.

Remember the Ice Bucket challenge in 2014? That went on for a bit, but at least it was for a good cause – although how many of the people pouring icey water on their heads actually donated is another issue.

Then there were Neknominations, that other big craze of 2014. This time the people of the internet brought out their inner-stupid by necking concoctions of varying degrees of NOPEness in order to look dead cool.

This year had its own share of ridiculous social media phenomenons, so here are seven of the stupidest crazes that blighted 2015.

Don’t try these at home. Or anywhere:

‘Thighbrows’ Became A Thing And Everyone Collectively Sighed

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year insta thighInstagram

How are your thighbrows looking, bro? I know it’s the middle of winter, but that’s no excuse to let your thighbrow game flop.

Yes, I do keep saying the word thighbrow at you. That’s because thighbrow became ‘a thing’ in 2015 and I need to keep repeating it to remind myself that people can be very stupid.

But what is a thighbrow? Well, this:

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year UNILAD Kylie jenner Instagram3Instagram

That line. That line at the top of Kylie Jenner’s leg. That line is a thighbrow. Welcome to the world of thighbrows, a world which once you enter you may never leave, a world where lines on legs are a thing. A thing called a thighbrow.

So yeah. Thighbrows. Lines on thighs.

Jesus fucking Christ.

People Doing Coke Somehow Became A Craze

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year coke ytYouTube

You would have thought young people doing cocaine became popular a long time ago, but apparently it needed its own Facebook page to really get going.

Basically, in 2015 people snorting a line of coke and then nominating someone else to do the same became a thing, like a seedy, back alley Ice Bucket Challenge.

It started in Mexico, where the press described it as a ‘challenge for the wealthy members of society’. It’s known as ‘Reto del pasesito’, and was widely shared on social media – it even had its own Facebook page before the social media giants took it down.

To be honest I find it disappointing how unimaginative this one was. People have been doing coke with friends since before these whippersnappers were even a glint in their dad’s eye.

Poor effort.

Condoms. Condoms On Heads

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year condom

Another bastard child of the Ice Bucket Challenge, this time people filled a condom with water and dropped it on their mate’s head for #EpicBants.

The #CondomChallenge 2015 had a more serious message behind it, though – apparently it promoted safe sex by proving that condoms are ridiculously durable.

People Pinched Their Phones In Inadvisable Places

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year phone twitterTwitter

Extreme phone pinching‘ had a big year in 2015.

Yep, I never thought I would write that sentence either, but here we are. This was the year people decided to hold their phone with two fingers over places you shouldn’t be holding it – like a toilet, a cliff, or basically anywhere that would ruin your precious phone if dropped.

Like so:

This one gets me, seeing all those expensive iPhones living dangerously really makes me anxious.

I must be getting old…

Taking Dangerous Amounts Of Paracetamol Became Cool

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year PA paracetemolPA

Taking dangerous amounts of paracetamol is never cool, no matter what the internet tells you.

The ‘Paracetamol Challenge’ saw kids eating as many tablets as possible before challenging their friends to do the same.

Unsurprisingly, police and teachers had to issues warnings after a teenager ended up in hospital – taking too much paracetamol can cause liver and kidney failure, and ultimately, death.

Don’t be stupid, stupid.

Huffing Air Horn Gas Was As Stupid As It Sounds

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year Josh JonesJosh Jones

Huffing air horn gas might seem like a stupid thing to do, but that’s because it is a stupid thing to do.

Air horn huffing was one of the last crazes to sweep through 2015 like a *PHHWAARRPPPP* in the wind. The weird new way to get high involved jamming an air horn in your mouth, pulling the trigger and inhaling the compressed gas.

Doctors say the short term effects of huffing are – besides deafening yourself – dizziness, slurred speech, rapid heartbeats and loss of coordination.

Breathing in the horn’s gas is capable of reducing a teenager to a zombie-like jellyfish in less than a minute, and the long term effects of inhalant abuse can also include suffocation, brain damage, seizures, loss of consciousness and even death.

Or as I call it, a quiet Monday night in (I don’t call it that).

The Shot Glass On Lips Thing

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year kylieKylie Jenner - Someone who didn't actually put a shot glass on their lips

Yep, that.

This is the second time Kylie Jenner has featured on my list of stupid crazes, which says something about the times we live in, probably.

You can hardly browse the internet or flick on the TV without seeing one Kardashian/Jenner/Kardashian West or another staring into your eyes, slowly stealing your soul. This time it was Kylie’s lips that made headlines back in April, after they looked suspiciously bigger than a few months previous.

According to the Jenner sister, she spent what must be a riveting 40-minutes ‘making them over to look bigger’, which got people everywhere wondering what this cryptic phrase meant?

Their wonderment led to them to put shot glasses on their lips and suck, obviously, and thus a craze was born.

Seven Stupid Crazes That Hopefully Wont Be Back Next Year kylie 2

#KylieJennerChallenge RIP. May we never see the likes of you again.

Maybe next year we can refrain from the stupidity, although I somehow suspect this will not be the case.

So, predictions for biggest crazes in 2016? Answers on a postcard. Or the comment section, up to you really…