Teacher Breaks Up Brutal Student Fight With Chokehold

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Everyone knows teaching’s a difficult job, the hours are long, the pay’s not great and worst of all you have to deal with student’s stupid bullshit. 

Stupid bullshit like ‘fighting’ for example,  and while most teachers are hesitant to get involved in student scuffles this dramatic video of a teacher subduing a pupil in a headlock is proof some teachers aren’t afraid to indulge in fisticuffs.

The short clip, recorded in a high school in the U.S. and released on LiveLeak, shows two students standing by a monitor when a fight breaks out between the two boys.

Teacher Breaks Up Brutal Student Fight With Chokehold giphy 102

After a rough few seconds of fierce and frantic fighting the teacher clearly decides enough is enough and intervenes in the scuffle grabbing the one who instigated the assault in a headlock.

Unfortunately being in a chokehold didn’t deter the two from smacking the shit out of each other, forcing the teacher to tell the student, ‘Step off or you’re gonna go night night’, which convinced him to finally stop his attack.

While I’ve no doubt that ‘chokehold’ isn’t taught to teachers as standard behaviour management we can’t deny it certainly looked effective…