The Internet Is Trolling Ben Affleck Hard Over Batman V Superman

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After months of waiting Batman V Superman is finally here and, well, to be blunt it’s terrible. Now the critics are tearing into the latest Superman film with a level of glee that would make Lex Luthor pause.

Caught in the critical crossfire is poor Ben Affleck, who of course took over the role from Christian Bale in Zack Snyder’s new movie, and it’s looking like he may regret dipping his toe back into the world of comic book movies.

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In a recent interview with Yahoo!, the topic of bad reviews came up and poor Ben just looked so sad, of course the internet then did what it does best and mercilessly transformed poor Mr Affleck from the Dark Knight to another internet meme.

So here’s sad Ben in all his mopey glory…

Keanus’s finally got some company…


Even his nemesis can’t cheer him up…

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Sad Nick dreaming of the leaders debate he won, and sad Ben dreaming of Argo…

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At least you look artistic here Ben…

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On no he’s come back!

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This one’s called ‘how to make a movie people liked’…

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Sad Ben is the rarest Pepe…


Silly Ben you forgot to take of the mask…


There we go, we finally put a smile on that face…