Video Of Man Threatening Homeless Man, Receiving Brutal Street Justice

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UNILAD karma315913 Video Of Man Threatening Homeless Man, Receiving Brutal Street JusticeTheLiveLeak/YouTube

A man on an American street decided that out of all the things he could do for what appears to be an innocent homeless guy, just minding his own business, threatening him was the best choice.

The man can be heard demanding a name from the guy sat on the pavement, before then threatening to ‘fuck him up’.


The homeless guy does not rise to the threat, instead he just calmly removes himself from the situation, but one bystander was not going to let things lie.

A man appears in a yellow vest, clearly unimpressed by what he has witnessed, and squares up to the harasser.

He throws one punch, and you’d think it’d be enough to make the bully think twice. Nope.


The bully comes back for one more, and promptly receives another solid punch.

Incredibly he raises his fists for a third time, receiving a brutal knockout blow and having no option but to stay down.

Check it out.


Can’t say he wasn’t warned. The lesson, stop being a dick to people who don’t deserve it.