Woman Complains To Wetherspoons Parody Twitter, Gets Trolled Brilliantly

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Woman Complains To Wetherspoons Parody Twitter, Gets Trolled Brilliantly FaceThumb 22Twitter/JD Wetherspoon

Wetherspoons is a national institution, but that being said, you don’t go there for a high quality dining experience – you just want a beer and a burger bashed out double quick by that incredibly efficient microwave chef they’ve got back there.

Elle Coleman, however, wasn’t too impressed with her chicken korma from the discount pub chain, and took to Twitter to give them a piece of her mind.


Unfortunately for her she got the wrong handle, and accidentally started tweeting a parody account.

It begins: “I’ve got to say @WetherspoonsUK that today I’m disappointed I have just tried you chicken korma and it was spicy! What’s going on?”


While her complaint never reached Chef Microwave in the back room, it was picked up by a fake Spoons customer service representative called Tom.

His reply was simple and to the point: “It’s a curry, what on earth are you talking about?”

It all escalated from there, with Elle none-the-wiser that she was actually arguing fruitlessly with a troll:

Hook, line and sinker. Let’s just hope that Elle eventually managed to get in touch with the real company to sort out her spicy korma conundrum.

It’s also interesting to note that people actually expect that level of customer service from Wetherspoons.


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