Woman Responds To Fat-Shaming Playboy Model In Brilliant Fashion

By : Liam Bond |


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If you think you’ve had a bad week, I can guarantee it’s nothing compared to Playboy model Dani Mathers’.

Last year’s Playmate of the Year has been fired from her radio show, banned from the gym, and been investigated by the LAPD for body-shaming a naked woman and posting the whole thing on her Snapchat story.

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Although Mathers apologised for the bullying, the repercussions of her actions were inevitable, and the people of the Internet have not been quick to forgive and forget.

One lady’s body-positive Facebook post has gone viral, and it’s the perfect response to the heinous act.

Nicole Henry wrote:

This body volunteered in a school in a slum in Africa and built houses with Habitat for Humanity in both the United States and Guatemala, serving as president of Habitat in college for two years.

This body may be fat, but it has volunteered at the local Special Olympics swim meet for 15 years and sat through classes to become a certified foster parent. This body may be fat, but it has volunteered at the local children’s hospital and worked in many daycare centers taking care of kids of all ages.

She added:

I’ve snuggled sick babies, helped kids deal with the loss of family members, gotten kids clothing who haven’t had enough, and spent countless hours ensuring those children felt loved and cared for.

This body may be fat, but it carried my grandmother when she was too weak to walk, and skated in a roller derby league for two years.

This body may be fat, but it has run two 5Ks, it has given countless hugs to my niece and nephew… and now it has worn a 2 piece bathing suit.

Now that’s how you respond to body-shaming. Well done, Nicole!


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