Woman Tells Chilling Twitter Story About Son Being Targeted By Police

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Daily Beast editor at large, Goldie Taylor, went Twitter crazy on Saturday, posting around 30 tweets documenting the shocking mistreatment of her son by undercover police.

What was his crime? He was selling his MacBook online. Nothing more, nothing less.


According to Taylor’s passionate Twitter rampage, her son Josh contacted her on Friday after the potential ‘buyer’ of his laptop approached him on the street as another man, an undercover cop, slipped up behind him and…

Well, you might as well read it in Taylor’s own words below.


It’s a harrowing read:

Back in 2015, Taylor wrote an enlightening tale about the shooting of Trayvon Martin and how his death relates to her son.


In it, she wrote:

I, like so many others, had tacitly accepted the notion that our sons were required to meet a different standard when confronted by police or other people in authority,” she wrote. “There is, as almost every parent of a black boy will tell you, a way to behave that does not guarantee but (we hope) increases the chances that they will make it home.

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