Woman Tries To Sell Broken Sofa, Guy Teaches Her Epic Lesson

By : Alex Watt |


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Nowadays you can’t scroll through your Facebook timeline without seeing dozens of posts of people trying to palm off some knackered piece of furniture or mode of transportation of which they’ve grown tired.

Whatever happened to eBay?

Apparently, this guy is just as annoyed about this unfortunate phenomenon as we are and, he finally got so sick of seeing one particular battered old sofa frequently appearing on his newsfeed, that he decided to teach the girl selling it a lesson.

Joe Cordingley got in touch with ‘Emma’ and offered to buy her used sofa, and quickly turned it into one of the greatest trolls we’ve ever seen!

Seriously, just check out how quickly this thing escalated:

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Well, the sofa may be a goner, but at least Emma discovered some joinery skills she never knew she had.

Joe’s motivations for the hilarious prank were pretty simple.

Speaking to UNILAD, Joe said:

It was clearly never going to be sold and I was bored. There’s a place for sofas like that and it’s either in a skip or at the end of a joke. I think I may have made her realise there is more to life than selling old shit, she should give joinery a go.

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Fortunately, Emma took the prank in good humour and she did eventually get at least a little bit of cash for her crap couch.

Joe added:

I contacted her and we have discussed and negotiated a fee, but she finds it hilarious. I paid her time and a half on an apprentice joiner’s wage and money for a new saw and the couch!

And, for proof, here’s the text in which Joe finally revealed his ruse:

UNILAD couch troll new 1236548Facebook

All’s well that ends well!

Still, I’d be a bit concerned about that vow for payback. Joe better not try and sell a sofa on Facebook anytime soon!


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