Woman With ‘Biggest Bum On The Continent’ Becomes Internet Sensation, Obviously

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Woman With Biggest Bum On The Continent Becomes Internet Sensation, Obviously 15212UNILAD imageoptim eudoxie instaWEBInstagram

This West-African woman has become an overnight online sensation for her perky posterior.

Social media isn’t scared to profess its love of a bigger behind, but Eudoxie has proven to be too much woman to handle for even the internet.

The Ivory Coast-born woman, who goes by eudoxieyao on Instagram, has racked up over 100,000 admirers on Instagram.

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Eudoxie posts videos showing her twerking bottom at its very best, and although some people have questioned her dancing ability, the clips are – unsurprisingly – very popular.

Eudoxie is clearly proud of her ample posterior and has put it to good use through advertising and promotional contracts with West-African brands.

The French-speaking viral sensation is also a regular on local TV.

Of course, with a big behind comes big responsibility but in the age-old argument of bum versus boobs, this woman has all bases covered.

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The model’s measurements are so astounding, it takes a selfie stick to capture her full figure in a photo.

Eudoxie is a champion of the fuller figure and she’s the envy of many women.

It seems that Eudoxie’s body is defying all beauty stereotypes of the female form that are trotted out in the mass media and I’m sure fans of the curvier physique welcome her online presence.

While many admires have complimented Eudoxie, musing over the practicalities of having such a large bottom, unfortunately some commentators have shared darker messages with a disturbing sexist undertone.

Woman With Biggest Bum On The Continent Becomes Internet Sensation, Obviously 5278UNILAD imageoptim Big Butt insta commentsInstagram

Just because a person makes a career by posting pictures of their body, that doesn’t immediately give others permission to share unsavoury sexual messages. Apparently some people didn’t get the memo.

So, Queen were right. Fat-bottomed girls really do make the online world go round, and round, like a bunch of headless chickens.


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