Zayn Malik Got A Face Tattoo And The Internet Lost Its Sh*t

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Zayn Malik Got A Face Tattoo And The Internet Lost Its Sh*t zaynFlickr

Remember Zayn Malik, that handsome chap who used to be in pop irritants One Direction? Well, he’s just got a new tattoo. On his face.

Continuing his apparent mid-life crisis at the young age of 23, and adding to his already awful collection of body art, Zayn appears to have just had an image of a phoenix permanently inked on the side of his head.

It’s like Mike Tyson, only worse.

Malik posted a photo of his new ink on Instagram last night to demonstrate his questionable decision making and life choices for all to see:

Like I Would

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And, as you might expect, the Internet had a bit of a meltdown when they got a glimpse of what lovely Zayn had gone and done to his lovely face.

For starters, the letters M.O.M aren’t actually a reference to his mother (which might have redeemed this somewhat), but rather the initials of his debut solo album, Mind of Mine.

Let’s hope the album doesn’t flop…

But is it actually real? A lot of 1D and Zayn fans are really hoping not…

Some seem to think it’s all a ruse and just part of the shoot for his new music video…

Whatever the truth, at least all the infamous ‘Directioners’ reacted in their typically calm and rational way…

And shout out to this one user who kind of predicted this, mere hours before it actually came to pass…

Still, we kind of like the way the tattoo links up with Zayn’s stubble. So at least he’s got that going for him?

Oh, and all that money he has. That’s probably pretty great too…


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