Zola The Hooters Girl’s Crazy Twitter Story Wasn’t Completely True

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Zola The Hooters Girls Crazy Twitter Story Wasnt Completely True UNILAD zola 145779Instagram/Zola

You may remember the Hooter’s waitress ‘Zola’, whose wild story about how she met and then fell out with a stripper she met at the restaurant went viral, as she wove a twisting tale of prostitution, kidnapping, shooting and a suicide attempt.

You can check out the entire story in all its fucked up glory here, and the original saga of their trip to Florida was something that film directors all across Hollywood would have been proud of.

However, it’s since turned out that the story wasn’t entirely true.


The self-styled ‘Queen of Hoeism’ herself – real name Aziah Wells – has spoken to Rolling Stone and come clean about which parts of her epic story were true and which were complete fabrications.

And you probably won’t be too shocked to hear that the craziest parts of the 20-year-old’s Twitter tale were complete bullshit.

So, sorry everyone, ‘Z’ (the pimp) didn’t actually shoot anyone in the face and Jarrett, the boyfriend of “this white bitch” Jessica, didn’t really try to commit suicide by jumping off a balcony. And, no, she didn’t sell sex for money during the vacation from hell.

Zola The Hooters Girls Crazy Twitter Story Wasnt Completely True UNILAD zola 227181Instagram/Zola

The Detroit native said she added the crazy parts of the story for “entertainment value”, pointing out how she actually posted and deleted the original story twice but nobody cared. That’s when she decided to spice it up, while keeping the gist of what happened – and it certainly did the trick, with the story quickly going viral and even movie directors tweeting her back.

Aziah defended her fabricated tale, adding: “I made people who probably wouldn’t want to hear a sex trafficking story want to be a part of it, because it was entertaining”.

All we’re saying is, if Quentin Tarantino needs a script editor for his next feature film, he need look no further than Miss Wells!


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