Totally Selfish Reasons Feminism Benefits Guys

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For too long there’s been a paradigm which says that feminism is some kind of women vs. men battleground fought by a sneering Jim Davidson and Dapper Laughs on one side and a bra-less Germaine Greer and Emma Watson on the other, but guys don’t have to be intimidated or fight feminism, in fact, there’s lots of ways guys can actually benefit from supporting feminism.

If Women Are Equal Then They Have To Split Bills

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If feminism topples patriarchy, perhaps in an epic final scene in which a screaming Dapper Laughs is chucked by Boudicca into a steaming volcano shaped like a massive vulva, then it means women will be considered and treated equal to men in all things. The upside of that for guys is that it won’t be assumed or considered right for men to pay for meals and dates, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on videogames and beard oil.

Having Body Autonomy Will Make Accidental Pregnancy Scares Less Likely

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So if feminism does us all a favour and becomes the norm then women will be rightly afforded full autonomy over their own bodies, meaning not only will you get more sex, but they’ll have a variety of contraceptive options. This way you won’t spend weeks on end worrying if you’re going to be a baby daddy over a split condom with a girl you barely know.

Women Who Enjoy Sex Won’t Be Called Sluts Which Will Improve Your Chances

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I’ll never understand guys who would call a woman a slut for having sex regularly or on a first date, if a girl is sound enough to shag you on night one then you should be nothing but grovelingly grateful that she’s so clued-in and cool. If all women weren’t held up to some poxy ideal of purity then it’s much more likely that they’ll be happier and freer in their sex life, increasing your chances of spending the night with a real human woman and not your hand and Youporn.

Women Will Be Less Inhibited & More Forward In Asking Guys Out

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Constantly perpetuating an idea that women are demure, timid creatures who need a man to sweep them off their feet is causing you to have less bang-tang, that’s a fact. Here’s another one, if there wasn’t the idea that the confident man should make the first move on the shy or playing-hard-to-get-girl then women would be just as comfortable (or uncomfortable) as men are approaching women. As a gender we’re missing out on the thrill that must come from being blatantly chatted up by a member of the opposite sex and that’s not fair, is it? Treat women better then they’ll treat you better, it’s as simple as Donald Trump’s idiotic foreign policy.

Women Consider Guys Who Identify As Feminists Hot

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Let’s do an experiment, who’s sexier? Misogynistic wife beater Chris Brown, walking around all macho but coming across like a petulant child, all while looking like a shit Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man OR Ryan Gosling, holding you gently yet firmly in his throbbing man-arms while whispering romantic French poetry in your ear on a late summer picnic beneath gently swaying boughs of oak? I rest my case.

Men Won’t Have To Be Considered The Breadwinner

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If women achieve full, actual equality, that will mean that they are paid just as well as men are for similar jobs which should hopefully take the pressure off of men to be the primary provider. Which is great ’cause it frees up more time for men to work less and focus on pet projects like winning the Champions League with Burnley on Football Manager or watching Breaking Bad in your pants on a Tuesday afternoon.