101-Year-Old Lobster Trapper Started Work A Decade Before World War II

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 17 Sep 2021 14:35
101-Year-Old Lobster Trapper Started Work A Decade Before World War IICBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

Maine’s oldest lobster harvester, Virginia Oliver, started her work a decade before World War II even began and she’s still going at it with no plans to stop anytime soon. 

The 101-year-old, who started work on Maine’s coast where few women were harvesting lobsters, has now been at work for more than 90 years.


Starting trapping lobsters in her youth, Oliver began at just 8-years-old but now uses a boat to catch them, also named ‘Virginia’.

Remaining faithful to where she began in Rockland, Oliver is still tending to this life-long profession alongside her 78-year-old son Max.


While she’s still going strong with no hope to give up soon, the 101-year-old has voiced concerns about the general health of Maine’s lobster population, according to ABC News.


Oliver also highlighted the fact that lobsters are now subject to heavy fishing pressure due to the change in the industry over her decades-long career.

Detailing how the status of lobsters has changed, she said they were once a working-class food but are now deemed a delicacy.

The price of each lobster has also changed, Oliver sais, from 28 cents a pound when she first starting trapping them to now 15 times the original price.

The trapping equipment has even changed, once wooden and now wire.

101-Year-Old Lobster Trapper Started Work A Decade Before World War IIAlamy

After all these years, Oliver still gets excited about lobster dinners and even tries to schedule one in for herself about once a week.

Even with all of these changes to the industry, Oliver’s passion has definitely endured, and with no plans to quit it’s no surprise the lobster harvester is adamant to carry on.

‘I like doing it, I like being along the water,’ she said, ‘and so I’m going to keep on doing it just as long as I can.’


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    At 101, she's still hauling lobsters with no plans to stop