63-Year-Old Fisherman Fights Off Bear With Karate


A Japanese fisherman who is over 60-years-old is reported to have fought off a bear using karate when it attacked him. 

Apparently, the fisherman, known as Atsushi Aoki, was fishing in a nearby mountain creek when a gargantuan and utterly terrifying 6 foot 3 Asian black bear charged towards him before attacking him, reports the Mirror.


However, by using absolutely nothing but his bare hands, the brute was able to fight the black bear off – making even universal hard-man, Chuck Norris, weep in envious praise.

Speaking to a Japanese news show, Atsushi said:

I thought it’s either ‘I kill him or he kills me’. The bear was so strong and it knocked me down. It turned me over and bit me right here [pointing to his leg].

But after whacking the creature with a flurry of Karate chops in between the eyes, the bear retreated back into the woods and Atsushi sprinted off to safety.


A local police officer claimed that Atsushi ‘drove himself to hospital and even remembered to grab the fish that he had caught’.

If there was an Olympic medal for being a serious badass motherfucker I’m pretty sure Atsushi would have brought gold back to Japan.


What a guy.