A Café In Greece Opens Its Doors To Stray Dogs Every Night

by : UNILAD on : 21 Dec 2015 18:41

This gesture from a café in Lesbos, Greece is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.


The Hott Spott café on the Greek island is opening its doors to stray dogs in the area each evening to provide them with shelter from the cold weather.

The café in Mytilene, the island’s main port and capital city, closes to customers at 3am every morning, at which point the dogs are allowed inside for warmth.

A photo of the kind gesture was shared on Facebook by Eustratios Papanis and has since gone viral, with thousands of people spreading the word about the lovely idea.


Επειδή η αγάπη για τα ζώα μόνο δε φτάνει, αν δε συνοδεύεται από γνώση, είπαμε να φτιάξουμε αυτή την ομάδα, για εκείνους …

Posted by Eustratios Papanis on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

And, apparently, this isn’t just something the café does in the colder months, with the project having been in place since the summer.

Speaking to i100, Antonis, a waiter at the café, said:

In the city there are many dogs. When the bar closes each night, the dogs come and sleep here. We don’t have a problem. From July, every night there is a dog on the couch.

Earlier this year, Greek charities reported that there are now over one million stray dogs in the country, thanks in no small part to the debt crisis in the country.

If only more people were as kind as the owners of this café! This is a beautiful gesture.

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