A Christmas Market For Dogs Is Launching In UK

by : Francesca Donovan on : 08 Nov 2017 19:24

Whoever said ‘Christmas has gone to the dogs’ hasn’t heard about this canine-friendly festive fiesta.


A Christmas market, aptly dubbed Santa Paws, is opening up in London, for canines and their humans to hang out together this festive season.

The one-day market for dogs and their owners, will take place on 26 November, from 11am to 4pm in East London’s Netil Market.


Here, man’s best friend will be able to enjoy samples of all sorts of delicious, artisan treats to get into the Christmas spirit, as well as a veritable smorgasbord of doggie snacks and stocking fillers for the big day.


The Facebook event reads:

Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, the dogs of London are in for a festive treat this November, with a Santa Paws Christmas market brimming with the best in independent pet lifestyle brands in East London’s, Netil Market.

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It continues:

Curated by Fetch & Follow and helping raise funds for local charity, All Dogs Matter, devoted humans and dog lovers can shop more than 15 brands, purveying stylish and on-trend dog accessories, artisan dog treats (anyone for doggy peanut butter?), and unique human gifts with designs that pay homage to our four-legged friends.


The event also promises:

Leading pet photographer Rachel Oates will also be on hand to take Christmas family portraits with the ‘the dog’, in a pop up studio complete with fun festive props galore.


If this isn’t enough to warm the cockles of your cold, cold hearts this winter, a percentage of the stall hire will be donated to London rescue charity, All Dogs Matter, to help dogs less fortunate this festive season.

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There are also cat-centric stalls for all those feline friends out there – you’d be barking mad to miss out.

Meanwhile, other London Christmas markets are popping up all over the place in hipster corners of various boroughs.

Bring on the middle class cheese-induced nightmares and the red wine lips because there’s a massive cheese and mulled wine festival coming to the UK in the lead up to Christmas, to help us get in the festive spirit and train our stomachs to stretch around the Christmas Day roast.


Everything in this cheese lovers’ haven is absolutely unlimited.

The Giant Cheese Board

The festival organisers are here to whet your appetite:

Have you ever dreamed of being able to walk around a giant cheese board? Carving off slices of your favourite Emmantal, Red Leicester, Edam, Brie and every other cheese you can imagine? Surrounded by cheese, rolling around in cheese…eating so much ch…sorry, got carried away!

Well anyway, we have. Lots. So this Christmas we are going to make this a reality. A cheesy, melty, mulled wine-fuelled reality. This is going to change your lives forever.

This December 16th, we bring London it’s first ever Giant Cheese Board – where you can take as much cheese & mulled wine as you like all day long. Yes, that’s unlimited cheese and mulled wine on a giant cheeseboard…and a party too.

Facebook / Studio338

While it looks like the organisers scrimped a little on the Comic Sans style promotional materials, what they lack in design flair, they certainly make up for in volume of cheese.

The easily distractable dairy-loving festival owners are holding the event at Studio 338 in London and will be turning their terrace into a massive, oversized cheese board.

They describe it as ‘one you can walk around on as if you’re in a giant’s kitchen.’ Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell hipsters that want to eat and have fun.

Cheesy Mac & Cheese

This mac and cheese looks insane ??

Posted by UNILAD Grub on Monday, 25 September 2017

After you’ve gorged on Gouda and haven’t quite reached a food coma, some DJs have been invited to come down and play some cheesy pop, so you can Roquefort out to some R n Brie. Sorry.

Tickets are £30 per person and you get unlimited free cheese and crackers, as well as free mulled wine which will be served by giant mice, who’ll help you navigate the Cheese Board.

There’ll be a communal giant baked Camembert and your ticket entitles you to a big dollop.

Thesupermat / Wikicheese

The festival really has thought of everything, even providing vegan options for those who love cheese but not dairy.

There’s also a Christmas photo booth and a giant fireplace by which you can snooze off your cheese coma, as well as three areas of fun, music, cheese and wine to explore before the wine lethargy sets in.

If it all sounds great but you don’t fancy the thought of a bunch of drunk cheese-lovers sharing a communal cheese board, there’s another option…


Why not enjoy some festive feta and get yourself your very own cheese board advent calendar from ASDA?

If it’s miniature bottles of wine you’re looking for behind those tiny hallowed doors, Aldi’s got your back.


Who said Christmas is a time for sharing, anyway?

Just keep the cheese and wine away from your pampered pooches, people.

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