A Piglet Has Been Born With Testicles Instead Of Eyes


A sad image has emerged of an unfortunate piglet that has been born with testicles instead of eyes.

The photo of the animal shows the pig with two hairy egg-like bulges where its eyes should be, however the rest of the pig’s face, including its snout appears to have formed normally.

It’s believed the deformities are a result of nutritional issues, poisoning, infectious agents, abnormal metabolisms or hereditary defects, reports The Sun.


The photo was uploaded by Redditor ‘angryarcher’, who sadly revealed that the piglet was quickly euthanised:

I’m not even sure if it was male or female. I do know that it was born alive but probably brain dead.


They also responded to claims from other Reddit users who were sceptical the bumps were testicles:

For all the people claiming this is impossible I can guarantee it is. With the amount of inbreeding and billions of pigs born in the U.S. both in the commercial and breeding side of the industry, mutations happen.

It’s the same with people, enough are produced that some are born with extra appendages or even chromosomes.

Poor little guy.