A Pop-Up Cafe Just For French Bulldogs Is Opening In The UK

French bulldogs can attend a pop-up cafe.Pugcafe.com

I don’t believe there’s a single person on earth who doesn’t melt like ice cream at the sight of a French Bulldog.

With their wide eyed baby faces and precious bat ears – not to mention their affectionate temperaments – these Frenchies are less ‘oo la la’ and more ‘aww ba ba.’

And what better way to celebrate the elegant, sociable nature of your Parisian pooch than to treat them to an afternoon of treats, friendship and professional photography at a very special café?

Pug owners can take their pets to a new cafe.Pugcafe.com

The Frenchie Café is a pop-up event from the great minds behind Pug Café, who have previously hosted such gems as the Dachshund Café, as well as various pug pop ups.

The fabulous Frenchie Café will take place on Sunday September 9 between the hours of 10am-7.20pm at The Lounge, a fully air-conditioned private area of The Happenstance in Paternoster Square, London.

What better way to cuddle away those post-summer blues?

According to the event page:

There will be a menu dedicated to the furries including freshly baked PUPcakes, DOGnuts, PAW-ty Rings, PAWbons and more straight from Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery kitchen.

Plus, each Frenchie attending will get to order their FREE pupuccino at The Happenstance’s beautiful bar, and also collect their free bag of delicious PUPcorn.

Humans, while your French Bulldog is mingling and rubbing paws with other fabulous pups, you’ll get to enjoy the cafe too! Tuck into The Happenstance’s delicious coffees, and cakes or cocktails and Summer Spritzes, global dishes & light bites.

So whether you want to share a pupuccino and a cappuccino with your furry best friend, or a pawsecco and a glass of champagne – there’ll be something for everyone!

Now, this isn’t just a ‘walk in as you feel like it’ kind of party; no matter how cute your fur baby may be.

You will have to book in advance – from Saturday August 18 10am onwards – and do bear in mind how excited and prepared other French Bulldog appreciators will be.

Attendees will enjoy 70-minute time slots beginning at 10am, 11.10am, 12.20pm, 1.30pm, 2.40pm, 3.50pm and 5pm. There may also be a slot at 6.10pm, in accordance with demand.

Booking information can be found here.

Frenchie Cafe for French Bulldog owners and lovers.Pug Café

You can bring along a maximum of four healthy, vaccinated French Bulldogs, as long as they are socialised, well-behaved and friendly.

However, you don’t even have to own a French Bulldog to get involved with this splendid day out. You simply have to be a Frenchie lover.

According to the Pug Café team:

If you don’t have your own little French Bulldog then don’t worry, Frenchie lovers are ALWAYS welcome! This is the perfect opportunity to meet lots of Frenchies, enjoy plenty of cuddles and make some four-legged friends.

Our events are enjoyed by thousands of dog lovers so don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind pop up experience!

Frenchie lovers pay up £15 each for entry, with Frenchie owners paying £10. This amount covers a pupuccino and a bag of pupcorn – for Frenchie owners – or a bag of doggy treats if you’re a Frenchie lover.

Pop up cafe welcomes French BulldogsPug Cafe

Children under the age of 16 get a 20 per cent discount, while under fives and French Bulldogs can enjoy the fun absolutely free of charge. A truly family friendly outing.

If I had a tail, it would be wagging right about now.

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