A Stray Dog Begs For Money, Buys Himself Hotdog

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Aug 2018 11:20
dog begs for money.dog begs for money.CEN

A clever street pup has been spotted begging for money before splashing the cash on a hot dog.


Rather than simply beg for any old treats, the stray dog – affectionately known to locals as Cabron (dumbass in Spanish) – prefers to pass money over the counter to feed his taste for sausages.

Cabron is reportedly a regular patron of the the hot dog stand, which operates in the Mexican town of Tezoyuca.

He uses his undeniable cuteness in cunning ways; sidling up to human customers as they approach the stand to beg for spends. Once the coin is handed over, the crafty mutt trots over to the counter to pay for his ‘hard earned’ snack.


Passerby, Sergio Vasquez, captured Cabron’s antics on video, which shows the cheeky pooch wagging his tail with anticipation as he awaits his purchase. The hot dog vendor appears completely nonchalant about the situation as his accepts the canine’s coin.

He then gulps down the hot dog with great satisfaction, with no sign whatsoever he’ll later be marching over to customer services to demand his money back.

In the footage, an amazed customer can be heard wondering, ‘who taught him how to do that?’.

Bottled water company supervisor, Sergio, later shared the amusing footage on Facebook, writing:

This doggie is called Cabron and when you arrive at the shop he scratches you with his paw on your leg, he only asks you for a coin to buy himself a sausage.

Today I was working in the area and I met him, for those who think that small animals can neither feel, nor think.

dog begs for moneydog begs for moneyCEN

At the time of writing, the video has since been viewed over 14 million times, with 23,000 delighted commenters admiring this true ‘sausage dog’s’ entrepreneurial spirit.

One bewildered person wrote:


I believe dogs (and other animals) are much more intelligent then we think.

However, others were less certain of the ‘cuteness’ of this story and were worried about the dog’s welfare:

1. Dogs are naturally smart & lovable.
2. Asking for coins to get treats isn’t clever.
3. Money used as a token to develop a certain behavior is the worst thing ever.
4. I hope the ‘trainer’ gets trained to think simply like dogs.
5. Awful story. I feel bad for this sweetheart.

Those worried about little Cabron may be pleased to know, a report in The Dodo suggests he’s been adopted by the woman who runs the shop.

Clearly, Cabron’s appetite for hot dogs would quickly bankrupt the business. I’m guessing she’s encouraged the would-be freeloader to pay his way. Customers can’t fail to be charmed by his cheekiness.

Sergio told The Dodo:

I celebrate all dogs, but this one is something very special. It warmed my heart to see what he does. He does this to everyone who comes to the store.

As someone who spends all their wages on food, I completely get where Cabron is coming from and I salute his serious attitude towards snacking.

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