A Town Just Elected This Awesome Dog As Mayor – Again

by : UNILAD on : 23 Aug 2016 13:08
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As the political climate across the world continues to spiral into unfathomable and terrifying heights, a small town in Minnesota have just elected a mayor who might be able to sort everything out, once and for all.


With the rise of extremist parties across the entirety of Europe – either leftist or rightist – and the rapid and bizarre progression of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign across the pond in the U.S, it’s taking a lot to raise spirits, but this new mayor may do just that.

But what is this brave and revolutionary leader’s name? Duke, and he’s a dog.

mutt-turns-mayor-in-small-town-minnesota (1)mutt-turns-mayor-in-small-town-minnesota (1)WDAY

As reported by MashableDuke is a Great Pyrenees and has hair that will put The Donald’s infamous wig of fluff to shame.


Back in 2014, Duke was made mayor by accident when the joke votes which were cast for him were actually tallied up and he was declared the winner.

However, after a successful two years, the Minnesota township of about 1,000 people have decided that the best suited man for the job is Duke yet again.

One resident said:

I don’t know who would run against him. He’s done such great things for the community.


As if this wasn’t good enough, Duke is also the only canine ever elected mayor in America – and it’s relatively depressing knowing that I’ll never equate to the status of this Great Pyrenees…

UNILAD have reached out to Duke for comment but so far we haven’t heard back.

I wonder who he’s endorsing for president…

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