Adorable Dog Boasts 12.2-Inch Nose Believed To Be World’s Longest

by : Emily Brown on : 27 May 2020 11:52
Adorable Dog Boasts 12.2-Inch Nose Believed To Be World's LongestMedia Drum World

Every dog has a boop-worthy snout, but a two-year-old borzoi from Virginia might have the most boop-able nose of all. 

There’s no denying it – if you can stand more than a foot away from a dog and still be nose-to-nose, it’s impressive.


In fact, jewellery store owner Lily Kambourian and her partner Savannah believe their dog Eris might have the longest nose in the world.

Dog has 12.2 inch noseMedia Drum World

Considering she’s a large-nosed borzoi, it’s not that surprising that Eris has a large nose, but the sheer size of her schnoz is just downright hard to believe, even when it’s right in front of your eyes.

Lily and Savannah adopted Eris in July 2018, and the big pooch celebrated her second birthday just a couple of weeks ago, on May 19. When they first went to visit Eris’s litter, the couple were told the dog might have an overbite, which would rule her out for any dog shows.


That didn’t bother the dog-lovers though, and they were taken with Eris as soon as she came and sat on Savannah’s lap.

Couple posing with long-nosed dogMedia Drum World

The pair took her home, and though they were warned she may have dental issues, Lily said she ‘just sort of grew past it’. Now the only issue Eris has is trying to eat food without her big snout getting in the way.

As Lily explained: ‘She drops food everywhere but so do I.’

Long nosed-dog showing off snoutMedia Drum World

From the tip of her nose to her tail, Eris measures four feet, nine inches, though her nose is responsible for a big chunk of that. Her lengthy snout measures 12.2 inches, earning her the jokey nickname ‘Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots’.

Her long nose is perfect for sticking into small gaps between sofas, fences or even people enjoying a meal at a table, but it probably doesn’t affect her smell, as a 2015 study by the American Psychological Association study found no evidence that dogs with long skulls had a worsened or enhanced sense of smell.

Lily and Savannah haven’t considered having record keepers determine whether Eris really does have the world’s longest nose, though they’re certainly open to the idea.

Dog has 12.2 inch noseMedia Drum World

Of course, Eris’s unique look attracts a lot of attention – so much so the family find it tough to go for walks without getting stopped in the street.

Lily explained:

We get stopped a lot… because most people are trying to figure out what breed she is, but we’ve started finding paths through the neighbourhood where we can actually get a walk done.

She is so happy to see people and other dogs, but can get very skittish around very small dogs. Sometimes she gets grumpy but it is so goofy and lovely because borzoi are very quiet. I don’t think we’ve heard her actually bark.

Eris the dog showing off very long noseMedia Drum World

Lily enjoys snapping pictures of the pooch, which she shares with more than 175,000 people on Eris’s very own Instagram. The owners have ‘come to love being a part of the Instagram dog community’, and in the last six months jewellery store owner Lily has started a limited run of Eris merchandise with a small local business.

Dog with long nose stands on its hind legsMedia Drum World

While Eris might not be able to stop herself from sticking her nose into things, I can’t imagine a more adorable interruption.

You can find more snaps of Eris on her Instagram here.

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