Adorable ‘Miracle’ Rabbit Born With No Ears Looks ‘Just Like Mini Lion’

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Jun 2020 18:12
Leo The Rabbit With No EarsSWNS

Meet Leo: the Northern Ireland bunny that’s been dubbed a ‘mini lion’ after being born without those trademark floppy ears. 

The small rabbit entered the world alongside her eight siblings without any ears. There’s no firm explanation for the lack of lugs, although according to her owners, it hasn’t really affected her at all.


Kylie Clarke, from Belfast, was initially worried she wouldn’t be able to survive or hear without her ears. However, it would appear she’s perfectly healthy – and she’s turned into quite a popular member of the household.

Leo the rabbit with no earsSWNS

The initial plan was to give away all the bunnies. However, the mum-of-four and her kids quickly fell in love with Leo. ‘I have four kids, two girls and two boys, they just think its great. They think its a miracle, if anything it gets more attention than the other rabbits,’ she said.

Leo the rabbit with no earsSWNS

The 31-year-old explained: 

I’ve never seen anything like it before. She’s just beautiful. We called her Leo because she just looks like a wee mini lion. Once Leo was born I knew something wasn’t right, she didn’t look right. Then as she got older you could see that she’s been born with completely no ears.

I was really scared at the start at the start, but when I stared doing a bit more research I realised its so so rare to happen but it can happen. As far as I’ve researched there’s no spot on explanation really.

Kylie has been a professional rabbit breeder for more than a year now, with Leo, a mixed breed bunny, entering the world six weeks ago. Her lack of ears could be attributed to a genetic defect and while she’s soon to have a vet check, ‘she’s otherwise happy and healthy’.

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